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Roofing, roof repair, hail damaged asphalt and architectural shingles

The most vital component of your home is your roof, it protects everything under it. So, if it’s time to replace your roof with a new color and style of architectural shingles; or if your roof needs immediate repair due to storm damage like large hail, high winds or tree damage, we can help!

Our roofing crew will inspect and document the damage to your roof and give you a free estimate for repair or replacement. If your roof damage is covered by insurance, we will work with you to help you file your claim and make sure that no covered damage is neglected.

three tab shingles vs architectural shingles

We use only architectural shingles because they are so much better than the old, Three Tab shingles:

  • Architectural shingles look better
    Three-tab shingles are plain and flat, while architectural roofing shingles can resemble premium roofing materials like slate or cedar.
  • Architectural shingles last longer
    The thickness of an architectural roofing shingle is about twice as thick as a three-tab shingle, which make them more durable against storm damage. In addition, they have less of a tendency to curl.
  • Architectural shingles can take a beating
    Regular three-tab roofing shingles are rated for up to 60 mph winds. Architectural roofing shingles can withstand up to 80-120 mph winds.
  • Architectural shingles have longer warranties
roof replacement

If you would like to completely change the look of your home, roofing and siding can give your old, out dated exterior an elegant and stylish new look. Many home owners update their roofs to add curb appeal to their homes before placing them on the market, because it draws potential buyers into the home and increases the home’s value.

The most critical part of roofing is choosing the right roofing contractor

Coffer Custom Remodeling, LLC is a General Contracting firm, which means that we can make sure that no part of your home’s exterior is left vulnerable to the elements during your roofing project. We can correct any other issues at the same time, saving you the time and expense of contacting multiple companies to make the repairs. We can repair or replace your asphalt shingles, install new gutters, replace your siding and install new windows, all at the same time, if you wish.

Don’t chance a leaky roof, or the possibility of water damage to your home’s interior and all your personal belongings, call us now!

Give us a call at (612) 999-5306 or click to send us an email for a free estimate.

reroofed house with asphalt shingles